Our Core Technology

NEW Core Technology for complete identification

Virtual PKI

Virtual encryption technology developed
to achieve more secure internet marketing

  • For Browsers
    In response to the browsers that block third-party cookies, achievement of the world’s first completely 100% specified retargeting advertising to iOS Safari without using cookies!
  • For Mobile Applications
    In these applications as well, completely 100% specification without using the terminal identifier. Realization of the measurement of unique Cost per Inquiry to the application!

Big Data Analytics Technologies

ADTechnology for the optimal connection between consumers and marketers

based on Artificial Intelligence

The provision of an advertising platform utilizing artificial intelligence technology that solves the problems on both the side of the consumer and the marketer in the consumption activities of the consumer and the marketing activities of the corporation. It is the achievement of internet marketing to optimize both consumption and production activities.

  • For DSP
    From media selection to user selection, even to the determination of the kind of advertisement and which media to use, all based on the latest artificial intelligence technology, even more accurate targeting of customers for the delivery of advertising is now possible!