2017.5.23 Press Releases
KPI Solutions Inc. Expands in the United States with New Company, Mobsmart USA Inc.

Notice of Establishment of KPI Solutions, Inc. New Company “Mobsmart USA Inc.”


In order to accelerate global development of product service with neural matching technology centered on SSP business, we have established a new company “Mobsmart USA Inc.” in the United States following Singapore office.

In order to accelerate the further globalization of our products and services, uniquely renowned for “neural matching technologies “for SSP line, we, KPI Solutions Inc. are pleased to announce that we have established our new company “Mobsmart USA Inc.” in the United States, after our Singapore base, Mobsmart Pte.


■ Outline of the new company

Company name: Mobsmart USA Inc.

Web: http: //

Business description: Web marketing business, data analysis · Research related to artificial intelligence

Establishment: April 20, 2017

Location: United States of America

Representative Director: Tetsuro Ishida


■Outline of KPI Solutions Inc.

Company name: KPI Solutions Inc.

Business description:

Research and development / provision of marketing solution services based on AD technology and behavioral targeting technology, research and development / provision of artificial intelligence applied technology

Establishment: August 2006

Head office: ACN Ginza building, Ginza 8-15-2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Capital Amout: 147,270,000yen

Main Shareholders:

Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI)

SMBC Venture Capital Inc.

Nissay Capital Inc.

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Inc.

Sansei Capital Inc.

Recruit Strategic Partners Inc.

Representative Director Tetsuro Ishida


We earnestly hope that all you will kindly extend your generous patronage to us, KPI Solutions Inc., and our new company, Mobsmart USA Inc.



Contact information

KPI Solutions Inc.



TEL: +81-3-5565-7125 (representative) FAX: +81-3-5565-7127