Data Management Platform

ADgraph is a data management platform (DMP) in display advertising that enables efficient distribution according to the attributes of private data. Equipped with patented technology that allows targeted delivery without name identification on the DPS side, maintaining the security of private data. It provides secure data handling concerning the security of private data in the interest categories of external media sites.

An ecosystem in advertising achieved by ADgraph

In display advertising it enables ad delivery according to the attributes of the users of its own site. It is possible to deliver different advertisements after determining if the user is a member of the site or not. It enables the connection of advertising measures, such as re-targeting and resale, to marketing tools in various scenarios. From the attributes of members, the scenarios where ads can be freely displayed expand (display the targeted ads to the targeted users)

AD graph

Control the distribution scenario in real-time on the basis of member attributes


  • Control the distribution scenario in real-time on the basis of member attributes
    Example: in a mail magazine, display advertisements in the same category as in the interest shown by the click link
    Example: display the same campaign advertisements to visitors to SNS fan sites
    Example: distribute advertising of cross-sale or up-sale products according to the categories of products purchased by members
    Example: display announcement advertising only to members with reward points about to expire
  • Visualization of members’ engagement through CPE
    Unlike view-through, with CPE logic we can visualize indicators such as audience engagement and brand-lifting after the display of the advertising and even without the necessity of clicks having been made.
  • Scenarios can be freely designed
    Customers’ interests and preferences can be visualized in a way that cannot be understood just by analyzing data attributes and this visualization can be applied to ad delivery
  • Eliminating wasteful advertising
    Have you experienced the following wasteful advertising?
    - Sending of new membership emails to existing members??
    - The displaying indefinitely of advertisements for a product that you purchased before??

    A control system has been developed “not to advertise to this party”, so you can reduce the impression of wastefulness and invest your precious budget effectively.
  • Data matching also freely available
    Matching of audience data with member attributes can take place which is also very effective for gathering new customers.