Privacy Policy

This site is operated by KPI Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). This privacy policy describes the handling of information registered for the usage of the service and content of this site and personal information.

  • 1. The collection of personal information
    We may ask you to provide information in the input form that can identify you personally (hereinafter, referred to as "personal information") when you use the web-site contents of the Company. In that case, the purpose for the use of such information will be indicated clearly in advance and personal information is collected from customers at their own discretion. We never collect personal information without obtaining the consent of any of our customers.
  • 2. The purpose of use of personal information collected
    Personal information that has been collected is to be handled to the extent necessary to achieve the following objectives.
    To send your requested materials
    In order to send information about our services
    In order to provide the e-mail delivery service
    Other uses for company-internal analysis
    The privacy of personal information that we collect is strictly controlled and disclosure, transfer or loan to third parties does not take place.
  • 3. The management and protection of personal information
    For the Company to manage the personal information of customers, as well as carry out the proper management of the data, it strives to prevent data leaks to the outside.
  • 4. Security
    Appropriate measures of a reasonable level are carried out in response to the risk of unauthorized access or loss from the outside, destruction or falsification and the Company strives to protect the personal information of customers.
  • 5. Cookies
    The website of the Company uses the technology known as Cookies (hereinafter, cookies) to enhance the convenience of the service. Cookies are data that contains information that is able to track the visits to our site. We can analyze the content selected by the users who access this site that has a high level of interest, temporarily save on the customer’s computer information that has been entered on an application form, for example, and the next time the user accesses the site or another page, the amount of data to be re-input is decreased. We are using cookies on our site as technology to improve the convenience of the service and they are not used to collect the personal information of customers.
  • 6. Browser unique tracking
    The Company may want to use browser unique tracking for the collection of access information. Browser unique tracking is based on the browser information the customer used when accessing our web site and is a technology that uniquely identifies the customer’s access. The use of browser unique tracking site enables the site to record the pages that the user has visited.
  • 7. Review of the privacy policy
    he Company reviews the contents of this policy on an ongoing basis and constantly strives to improve it.
  • Opt-out
    The Company collects information to achieve optimal ad distribution in the services we provide. This information will be removed at the customer's request (opt-out). Customers who wish to opt-out are requested to follow the necessary procedure in the following pages.

  • Inquiries
    If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy or site or operations, please use the inquiry form.