Company Information

Our vision and the background

to this vision contribute to the creation of a knowledge-based society

Since the commencement and spread of the commercial internet service along with the transmission of information real-time, the world of the 21st century has continued to change at an unprecedented speed. This world has produced a flattening of the information/economic model on a global scale as well as driving continuous change with further momentum, not only in the relationship between the individual and society, but also in the infrastructure and systems that built the international community and even in the presence and existence of the country itself.

But at the same time, the explosive growth of the world population, the depletion of natural resources and food problems and the continuously increasing reality of environmental and energy issues, are leading us to face a critical situation that we have never experienced before.

For the international community, nations, individuals and companies to continue to develop from now on in these chaotic circumstances, it is clear that a new evolution of the economic model that is at the core of their activities is essential. The ideas until now regarding the marketing model have changed and there is a strong need for efforts to be made to help a new infrastructure evolve that will lead to a smart consumer society.

Our Mission

In the timing of the changes in the social infrastructure, the base of what we believe is rooted first and foremost in the realization of a society that is better for each individual person, known as “Leading Humanisitic/ Humanism.” Carrying out the policy known as “Identity the First” that places importance on the individual identities of consumers, and through the development of new internet technology, BtoC, BtoB, CtoC, marketing concepts that are not limited to either globalization or localization, we strive to maximize the value of the value chain more flatly together with the effort “Make the Internet Initiative” to support its success. That is, through the development of marketing solutions that contribute to the realization of a smarter consumer society, to make efforts known as “Start Smart” to create a marketing foundation for the promotion of value-sharing between consumers and marketers. Through all of these activities we will continue to contribute to the development of a more sustainable smart consumer society and a knowledge-creating society.

Smart Structure

  • Leading Humanistic
    Our dream is to create a better society for every single individual
  • Identity the First
    A policy that places great importance on the identity of each individual consumer and maximizing its value
  • Make The Internet Initiative
    Our mission is to aim to maximize value for consumers and marketers without being limited by stereotypes and models