Next-generation AD Network

The building of a new ecosystem connecting “structures” to “people” and from there to “bonds”.

Mobsmart is equipped with Neural Matching technology®. It attains display advertising according to behavioral targeting overcoming third party cookie block browsers. We offer a new kind of personalized marketing to advertisers, publishers and consumers, respectively.

Mobsmart is…

Mobsmart is a next-generation SSP/Ad Exchange featuring the new technology of “Neural Matching” that attains re-targeting to browsers such as Safari (iOS) that block cookies from third parties.

Mobsmart = Mob(Crowd) + Smart

A network for the era of Smart Mobs

Mobsmart = Mobs + Mart

The creation of a new market for Smart Mobs

Technology that enables re-targeting
to iOS contributes to profitability


  • The only SSP that enables full specification tracking on browsers that block cookies
  • Featuring the new technology of “Neural Matching”
    Virtual PKI
  • Equipped with Ad Exchange functions and SSP functions
  • Possible to do retargeting on iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac). (Crosses over browser applications)
  • Fully compatible with opt-out
  • Safety ensured by conforming to W3C specifications
  • Advertiser
    Effective approach to Mac, iPhone and iPad users. Attainment of new customers.
  • Media
    Revenue increases by the improvement in the operational efficiency of iOS placements. Attainment of monetization of smartphone sites.