Meme DSP equipped with cultural genes in AI

You don’t have to give up when the effectiveness of web advertising does not increase and shows only similar results to any other DSP. ADmeme is a next-generation type meme DSP that understands social interests and identifies the optimal posting destinations to suit the intention of the advertisers.

Also, view-through enables the collection of valuable big data indispensable to market research and it can be effectively utilized as a major weapon in branding strategy. AD graphs in DMP also link seamlessly and a freely operating next-generation ad delivery platform that can also handle member attributes has been achieved.

What is a meme?

In 1976 the biologist Richard Dawkins proposed his concepts in his book “The Selfish Gene.” He created the word “meme” by combining the Greek word “mimeme” with the English “memory” and adapted it further to have a similar pronunciation to the word “gene”.

A meme is a cultural unit that is transmitted from one brain to another
A meme is cultural information that is copied from one human-being to another

KPI Solutions applies the concept of the meme to web advertising.

AD + meme = AD meme

It enables the re-targeting of iOS terminals that had been missed until now.

Through artificial intelligence technology it is possible for the advertisements to reach the optimal media and users and the results can contribute to branding.


It solves branding and performance by tracking.

Tracking technology without using cookies


Clustering technology by optimization of artificial intelligence

    for performance users

  • Main browsers such as iOS Safari refuse the acceptance of third party cookies
  • Neural matching technology delivers advertisements by specifying the user
Until now in DSP the situation was that it was not possible to re-target the iOS terminal user.
However, use of our patented technology “neural matching technology” which is mounted on the ADmeme, enables the re-targeting of iOS terminals which had been missed until now.

    for branding Users

When you have ADmeme not only the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) can be obtained but also you can know which groups have a large CPA and it is possible to visualize potential needs in real-time by obtaining the standard index CPE.
As a result, you can quickly grasp the trends going on and this can contribute to branding.